We adopt an education model that focuses on the child and his/her happiness before school, and we implement a holistic education model in which academic, social and individual development is carried out simultaneously.

With the awareness that children are the future of our country, we must prepare them for life in the best equipped way. Especially the habits gained in the pre-school period are extremely important in terms of personality formation. This period is very important in terms of gaining the habit of analytical thinking and laying the foundations of art and sports tendencies. By making the school and educational environment fun and instructive, it is aimed that children do not get away from school and their desire to learn in later ages. Emotion Education, Development of EQ (Emotional Intelligence ), Development of Thinking Skills and Problem Solving Skills, Vital Skills, Attention-Focusing Studies, Right-Left Brain Development Exercises, Philosophy, Ecological Life, Positive Thinking and Behavior Development, Universal Literacy.

The common point of all these contents; who can think globally, do not have problems adapting to social life in their next life, are culturally equipped, have the ability to express their feelings and thoughts, have the ability to solve and cope with the problems they encounter in social life, can control their emotions, apply what they have learned in social life, have developed creative thinking skills, have strong life skills raising individuals.


 Circle With System , the subjects in academic lessons are processed in parallel with the subjects in branch lessons, especially in language classes, so that much more efficient results are obtained in terms of both foreign language development and academic development.

 Circle Thanks to the System , the foreign language education we provide with an intense and effective program becomes a normal and enjoyable part of life for the child.


We believe that a healthy and effective education process is fundamentally related to the emotional bond that the child establishes with his/her school.

A child who loves his school and teacher is more open to learning and development.