The Finnish Education System ®, which we use as content support in our school, was created by localizing the Finnish curriculum, which offers the world’s most successful education system. The basic approach of our primary school education system is the phenomenon of “learning by living”. With active learning, it is aimed to strengthen children’s preparation for life from an early age, to enable them to draw inferences from their experiences and to develop their skills to solve the problems they encounter in daily life. In addition to this, supporting the personality development of the child and raising entrepreneurial individuals are other factors we attach importance to. One of the main goals of our primary school is to define the unique characteristics of each child well, thus revealing and developing their talents and laying the foundation for their future career choices.

  • One of the most distinctive aspects of our primary school is our extracurricular activities program. This program, which offers alternative activities in the fields of art, science and sports, aims to enable our students to discover their own interests and talents.
  • Abstract concepts in the curriculum content are reinforced with arts and sports practices in different fields of activity.
  • The education system proceeds in a logic that puts the child in the center. The education program is planned in accordance with the interests, capacities and characteristics of the children.
  • The problem solving method is also used in the transfer and permanence of knowledge. In order to solve problems, students develop their previous knowledge with critical thinking skills.
  • With the understanding that school should be life itself, not preparation for life, situations that will be encountered in life are included in our school. For this purpose, students are provided with large areas where they can move freely and materials that they can use in their studies. Different activity areas are reserved for each workshop or application.
  • Since there is equal opportunity in education, a cooperative program has been adopted. Children with different learning skills are brought together in the same educational environment through cooperation and teamwork.
  • It creates a program to get to know other countries and cultures and to enable them to better understand them and ourselves.
  • A democratic environment is supported in education. Students are allowed to express their ideas freely and plan their activities together with their friends.
  • It is important to raise individuals who have reached the level of scientific literacy. In the Fun Science Workshop and Robotic Coding program, students both have fun and learn by doing interesting scientific projects, experiments and activities in the field of science. In the science workshop, it is aimed to introduce students to the first step of the scientific process by encouraging them to ask questions.
  • At our school, we encourage our students to take responsibility for their behavior, to protect nature and to serve the society. Ask them to initiate meaningful and responsible actions as a result of their learning.


Circle With System , the subjects in academic lessons are processed in parallel with the subjects in branch lessons, especially in language classes, so that much more efficient results are obtained in terms of both foreign language development and academic development.

Cricle Thanks to the System , the foreign language education we provide with an intensive and effective program becomes a normal and enjoyable part of life for the child.