About Us

Fiin College was established by extremely experienced and competent staff, for the purpose of raising visionary leaders and entrepreneurs, with its quarter-century educational experience and in the light of the feedbacks and the observations of tens of thousands of students.

Fiin College composes its focus of educational approach with Finnish educational system which is considered the best educational system in the world. All the teachers of Fiin College are experienced and exclusive teachers who have the authority to appoint the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Turkey. In addition to this, all of our teachers have the certificate and training approved by the Finnish Ministry of Education.

Our children will live in a future where many current professions will be shaped by artificial intelligence. Undoubtedly, individuals who are free, creative and have different thinking skills will be the most sought-after people in the future. For this reason, Fiin College aims to raise individuals who use technology consciously in education. Fiin College raises its students as “global citizens” who have smart scanning skills in the virtual world, have full knowledge of technology and the logic that creates it, think creatively, and live with real-life practices.

The vision of Fiin College, aiming to cultivate future leaders and entrepreneurs, undoubtedly involves proficiency in world cultures, fluency in languages other than their native tongue, and the ability to speak foreign languages. Fiin College adopts the internationally authoritative Cambridge International School methodology for foreign language education, implementing continuous exposure and peer learning to achieve a high level of language proficiency.

In Fiin College, it is valued for students to be happy, nature-loving, environmentally conscious; respectful of others’ rights, lifelong learners, and aware of their own abilities. Their physical, mental, and emotional development is facilitated through creating active participation environments and supported by modern educational materials. Individuals who can take responsibility for themselves, express themselves correctly, and are curious to research and inquire are nurtured. Their mental, emotional, and physical development is supported by play, drama, and sports activities. Healthy eating, safety, and hygiene are planned with a strict and meticulous process management. Our students are prepared for life with experienced teachers in loving, free environments. Speaking their mother tongue, Turkish, correctly and fluently is supported. Their foreign language proficiency is strengthened by laying correct foundations.

Our Vision

With a special academic study, we aim to raise Happy, Successful and leader people of the future who are competent in academic, artistic and sportive terms by adapting the World’s Most Successful education system to the Turkish education and social structure.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help our children reveal and develop their talents in an authentic, creative, safe and loving environment. It is to arouse interest in learning, to support their learning through play, to contribute significantly to the development of cognitive, social, language and psychomotor skills, and to help the child’s communication with his environment in a healthy way.

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