For A Good Future The Best Education System Is Their Right
Our basic approach as Özel Fikir Insanı Koleji; To raise individuals who can think globally, who are culturally equipped, who have the ability to express their feelings and thoughts, who have the ability to solve and cope with the problems they encounter in social life, who can apply what they have learned in social life, who have developed creative thinking skills, who have strong vital skills and who are the most important happy individuals.

Fiin College


Fiin Akademik

– Finnish Education Model
– Differentiated Instruction
– Project Based Learning Approach
– Enriched Teaching


Yaratıcı Düşünme

– Critical Reading
– Thinking Skills Lesson
– Creative Writing
– Visual Reading
– Scientific Thinking Education


Dünya Dilleri Eğitimi

– Intensive English Education
– French as a Second Language


Yetenek Becerileri Eğitimi

– Recognizing Abilities
– Training for All Talent Areas

Fiin College always aims to make children feel special with its boutique school understanding
Experienced Education Staff

Fiin Education Staff consists of loving and very experienced teachers who pay special attention to each of our children. We not only work with the best teachers,
but also support their development with continuous in-service training.

Foreign Language Education

It aims to enable our students to be individuals who can express their thoughts
in more than one language
using different resources,
taking into account their needs and interests
as citizens of the world.

Talent Development Program

Every child has different interests and abilities. Revealing interests and abilities with professional observations and techniques and then supporting them with a personalized development program makes a significant difference in the future lives of children.

Fiin College offers you a good future with the world’smost successful education system
Boutique Education Approach

Fiin College offers an understanding system that recognizes that each individual is special and unique with their own talents and interests, and reveals these differences.

Experience-Based Activity System

With experience-based education, children are brought up with an education system shaped around the “active learning” system from an early age.

Sports Program

Sports have a great contribution to the growth of our students as happy, moral and self- disciplined , constructive, creative and productive individuals who have acquired the behaviors required by democratic life.

Art Program

Art is like a key to free thinking. Painting, Music, Dance, Drama is actually an important catalyst for Mathematics, Science, Foreign language and Mother tongue.

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Fiin College Activities

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