Full Day English Kindergarten Program Registrations Started

In today’s world where borders are removed, individuals familiar with multiculturalism have a more successful career chance. English and French language and culture education is given together in our school.

Cambridge Young in English With the Learners Exams and the DELF exams in French , the international validity of our students’ language proficiency for their higher education is documented through exams.


The world of the future will be a place where we will accept as normal a life without borders, where colleagues work on the same project all over the world at the same time.

We are raising fluent English-speaking people who have absorbed multiculturalism in that world 25 years from now.

Children who do not miss the opportunity to learn a language at an early age gain self-confidence.

At our school, our students learn the foreign language simultaneously with Native and Turkish teachers, through various activities and interactive learning environments. Starting foreign language education early ensures that language acquisition is easier, permanent and pronunciation is better. At our school, English is considered a second mother tongue, not a foreign language. Due to the content of our program , in classrooms with smart boards, in our garden, during breakfast-lunch hours, on out-of-school trips, It is used as both the language of instruction and the spoken language wherever our language teachers communicate with children. Foreign language learning process; It is an enjoyable time spent using storytelling, free and organized games, creative drama, songs supported by physical movements, puppet shows and resource books,

Circle The System method is a special application for our institution.


Foreign language education proceeds in a spiral system with the entire education curriculum. The units covered in science, mathematics and life studies intersect with the foreign language curriculum in parallel.

All branch courses are taken in parallel with English and French.


Today, the French Language is spoken in about sixty countries. Talking means communicating and communication is a phenomenon that can be passed on to the other side with self-confidence and empathy.

In our school, different methods are applied to teach the French language. Thanks to many activities such as animating scenes from daily life and correspondence, the student first discovers fun learning methods and then gains a sense of self-confidence.

Interactive applications in our lessons help to improve the language skills of the individual and open another direction in his life. Thanks to the French language, children get to know another culture. Learning that starts with movements and facial expressions leaves its place to sentences over time. A systematic learning method is followed, starting with words and continuing with sentence building. Within these methods, many different tools such as touching, singing, dancing are applied. They also develop children’s senses. All these practices prepare the student for social life. The French language can open a multicultural window in front of every child. This increases the probability of future success.