Individuals who do not get lost in crowds, whose individual differences are discovered and developed, are much more successful. The focus of our understanding of education is to ensure the academic, social and emotional development of the student. In order to raise self-confident individuals whose abilities, interests and developmental differences are closely followed, it is necessary to consider each child’s strengths and personal learning goals. Increasing the quality of education by maximizing the time per student within the framework of a system is one of the most important advantages of the exclusive education school / one-to-one attention approach of Fiin college.

Intellectual Human College with a exclusive education school approach; (PERSONAL AWARENESS PROGRAM)

*An understanding that recognizes that each individual is unique with their own unique abilities and interests,

*A system that reveals these differences with women, programs and physical opportunities,

*It is based on opportunities to enable personalized learning, unique applications.

Features that make exclusive education privileged;

Trilingual education in the vision of a world citizen. (English-French-Turkish),
Physical environments that support individual differences and learning skills,
Classroom teacher ( Mentor ) and school psychologist follow-up,
Fairy tale-drama, rhythm orff , modern dance, ballet, piano visual arts ( creative drawing) etc. art lessons,
Intelligence games, game-based educational coordination lessons,
Interest and talent mapping by teachers of arts and sports branch courses,
Physical analysis, measurement and reporting according to age and developmental characteristics,
Generation program compatible with artificial intelligence with creative project-based robotic coding training,
Gems / ecological life science and nature awareness program,
Vital Skills and Emotion Education program,
Project-based and applied social responsibility projects.
The original program of the MEB curriculum, enriched with the Finnish Education System approach, is presented.

Other main advantages of being a student in a Exclusive Education school are;

• Guiding students to be individuals who can communicate unhindered in comfortable and safe environments,
• The abundance of science and art opportunities that all students can benefit from,
• Game-based and experience-based training,
• Providing environments in which learning style and learning speed differences are observed,
• Revealing and discovering and developing the talents of the child along with academic success,
• A very effective foreign language education,
• Psychological counseling can be effective in terms of tests, individual interviews and solution orientation,
• Realizing an important part of the daily routine with training given in studios and laboratories,
• To lay the foundations of the desire for lifelong learning,
• Excess of application possibilities of social and cultural opportunities (clubs, international projects, excursions, art, sports activities etc. )
• A comfortable education environment, offered in specially designed classrooms with the aim of focusing on learning, is an issue that we attach great importance to school-family communication in our institution.

In the classroom teacher, psychological counselor and management planning, children’s interests, abilities and cognitive differences are constantly monitored separately within a program and all kinds of behaviors and developments are reported. It is shared with the family in a very detailed manner at specified periods. Apart from this, expert educators in different topics. The parent does not have to be a home teacher. The school provides the academic support of the student. There is time for healthy communication between the family and the child who leaves school and goes home.