M. Bora Çakmak

Message from our Founder

Has continued its development by transferring the knowledge it has acquired throughout history from generation to generation. As the accumulation of knowledge increased, the development accelerated. For this reason, half of the inventions that mankind has made throughout history took place in the 20th century. Today, in the 21st century, we are in an era of much faster development. As Fiin College, we are preparing young visionaries for 20-30 years later, when unimaginable developments will take place, not today.

Many professions performed today will be done by artificial intelligence in the near future. This means that in the future, people with truly creative thinking and vision will have a higher level of well-being. The general approach of Fiin College was created with the aim of getting to know each child better than himself, by approaching each child with ONE TO ONE INTEREST. We use the world’s most successful education system in a way that fully meets local needs by adapting it to Turkey with an intense academic study. Our aim is to carry out the most accurate development process by following the child’s abilities in an environment where he can establish a bond of love and trust.

When the adults who are satisfied with their lives are examined, it is a very common situation that their talents were determined correctly in the past, so they chose the right professions and thus turned into successful and happy individuals. Almost 70 % of our personality is formed in the first 6 years of our lives. If they are shaped in the right hands, they turn into successful and happy individuals with high self-confidence. As Fiin college, we believe that investing in people is an investment in the future of the country. With this awareness, we are working with all our strength.

Carry the pride and responsibility of raising bright generations that will carry our country to the future, on the path of enlightenment opened by the founder of our country, Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK. We aim to reach every point of our country with an understanding of quality in education and to provide our children with world-class education.




M.Bora Çakmak

       Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı

Who is M. Bora Cakmak ?

Our founder M. Bora Çakmak is an educator who has established and managed schools of all levels in the education sector for many years.

He worked in the management level of one of the biggest education brands in Turkey for nearly 20 years. With the title of CEO, he managed all the schools and educational enterprises of the group. Meanwhile, he worked as the deputy chairman of the board of trustees in a higher education institution, as well as the development and management of systems related to the general strategies, functioning and services of the institutions. For many years, it has been making efforts for the development of national education under the management of various NGOs, especially the Istanbul Education Volunteers Association.

He is currently the chairman of the board of the Alfa Group, to which our school is also affiliated. Alfa Group’s main field of activity is education. Apart from formal education services, the Group consists of companies that provide system and content consultancy to educational institutions and supply management in the education sector.

M. Bora Çakmak is a graduate of Marmara University. He is married and has two children. Apart from his professional life, he is interested in visual arts and extreme sports.