Fiin College


Education at Fiin College is not just a classroom activity. Our students spend a significant part of their days in branch studios, laboratories, garden and outdoor classrooms. Education at Fiin does not get stuck in stereotypes.

Fiin College Acıbadem campus is a college campus with large areas, consisting of 3-storey A Block, 2-storey B Block buildings and a 2-storey studio and event complex with a separate entrance and foyer.

At the center of the education system implemented in our school is to develop the child’s ability to think freely. For this purpose, classes such as Ballet, Modern Dance, Music, Rhythm Orff , Creative Drama, Painting, Sculpture, Child Athletics and Yoga are given by expert branch teachers in studios and laboratories prepared in accordance with the branch.

Fiin college classrooms are designed for students to listen to lectures in a comfortable and peaceful environment. Thanks to the soft colors and ergonomic design used in the classrooms , the highest level of concentration is achieved. Classrooms with a ceiling height of 3.5 meters are always spacious and comfortable…

With the Ballet and Modern dance workshop, it is aimed to increase the physical awareness of children, to gain body flexibility, to gain coordination and to increase their movement capacity.

Rhythm With the Orff and Music workshop, it is aimed to make the universality of music feel, to develop the sense of rhythm , and to improve attention and concentration skills.

With our art workshop, it is aimed that children get to know their inner worlds and reveal their personalities by using the extraordinary power of visual and plastic arts to develop the human mind and creating a dynamic art environment. Meanwhile, in all branches of art, the child’s special talents are discovered and developed.

Individuals who know themselves and can express themselves correctly are happier and more successful both in their business and private lives. With the creative drama training program implemented in our institution, it is aimed to develop children’s self-confidence, creativity, independent thinking, decision-making and communication skills.

In our school, the food menu is prepared in the presence of Expert Dietitians. Their development is supported by healthy and balanced meals prepared in accordance with the season.

After the meal, the children get on the Fiin Ekspres, which stops at the cafeteria station, and continue their lessons after a tour between the art studios…

Fiin College supports students to be in the schoolyard. In addition to the games and sports activities guided by the teachers , some of the ecology lessons are held in the specially prepared Eco Vegetable garden.