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    Exclusive Education Approach

    At Fiin College, we embrace the perspective of the Finnish Education Model, discovering the talents and interests of each student. Through a hyper-personalized program, we elevate their personality strengths and values, preparing them with a mindset to become future entrepreneurs and leaders. With our differentiated, enriched and individualized teaching programs, we raise our students as strong individuals who will change and transform the world of the future. While our students enjoy learning by doing, living and experiencing, we evaluate and follow all their developmental processes with a data-based system.

    English – French Foreign Language Education

    We believe that a foreign language is a compulsory foundational skill, similar to reading and writing, and we educate all our students to be proficient in at least one foreign language, speaking fluently. Language education at our institution is conducted using the Cambridge International system of which we are a member. Our students, especially within the multicultural and multilingual community on campus, have the opportunity to enhance their language skills through intensive exposure. The students experience how to use the language not only within the classroom but also in real-life situations. Activities and projects organized for cultural interaction and language practice provide students with the chance to explore the richness of the language.
    By embracing innovative methods in language education, we keep students motivated as well through games, drama, and other interactive activities, contributing to making the learning of a foreign language more enjoyable and effective. The English language education we offer at our school invites students on a journey to strengthen their language skills, express themselves more confidently in the global world, and establish a solid foundation for future success.

    Finnish Education System

    The Finnish Education System is one of the most successful education systems in the world, focusing on curiosity, encouraging research and experiential learning. Implemented by teachers trained in the Finnish education system and holding PTM Finland certificates, it provides a pedagogically suitable learning environment tailored to individual characteristics and dominant skill areas of students. We raise our students to be both successful and happy individuals with methods and techniques that support the development of each student at their capacity and pace.


    Our goal is to cultivate individuals who think, question, have vision, and possess a leadership spirit. This is only possible through well-adapted education. Inherently, learning occurs healthily when an individual is in an environment where they feel secure and happy. The carefully established bond of love with each of our students ensures that the education we provide forms a very strong foundation. In this regard, we firmly believe that love is the most important educational tool as an institution.

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